Monday, July 24, 2006

price of gas & our plans

On an email thread I'm on, people in the US were complaining about the cost of gas. $3.15 in one area is expensive. Then $3.60 in another city. What's it like here? Try a pound per liter! OK, OK. So that doesn't mean squat to you. Let me explain.

In Greece we paid €1.15-1.20 per liter, which is about €4.35 per gallon (that's 3.7854 liters to the gallon). At an exchange rate of $1.25 to the €, you get $5.44 per gallon.

Now for pound sterling.

At 98.9 pence to 99.9 pence per liter, we have £3.78 per gallon. At $1.85 to the £, we're paying $7 a gallon!

No wonder a "big car" is a Toyota Corolla.

So we're still at Terry's parents. We're trying to decide what to do. I wanted to go to Dublin, but it's a three-hour drive to the port, then an hour and half ferry ride. I was trying to find a reasonable place to stay, and you'd think with the stereotypes of large Irish families that it'd be easy to find accomodation for a family, but nope! All the hotels I checked had rooms for 2-3 people. There's no such thing as a room with two double (or queen) beds. So that means getting two rooms. Ugh.

We're spending the last two days in London, so that's booked (Sun & Mon). We're staying with friends in South Hampton on the Saturday. I think we'll make a few day trips here. We'll head to Stratford, but for some reason they aren't doing any plays until Friday. They're doing The Tempest on Friday. I think I'll try to get tickets.

That's it for now.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger Chard said...

When I was in the UK several years ago, I remember thinking when the CEO of our joint venture drove us from London to Oxford and back, that this was a significant expenditure. Can't recall what the price per liter was back then, but a little mental math led me to believe that it was a lot, and the exchange rate is way worse now.

Also recall noting that a) the CEO drove a very small car, relative to what one would find in the US, and b) I wasn't aware of him driving at all the rest of the couple of months I was around. I'm sure he and his wife drove now and then, but not very much by my Yankee standards.


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