Monday, July 17, 2006

speaking of goats...

A tip of the hat to those two or three of you who get that joke...

Some very quick catch up.

We went on two long hikes the past two days, and we've been getting back later than the internet shop is open, which is 9pm. First we went to Polyrrinia, where we left the kids at the taverna while Terry and I hiked up the hill. We found the "second" path, the backside of the hill, but we never found the first path up the front. I'll post pictures later, when we're back in the UK.

The yesterday we took the kids to the Impros Gorge. It's second to Samaria, but far less commercialized. There are no public tours or charter busses to this gorge. The scenery is very similar to Samaria, but the trail is about half the distance--just over 8km. It took us 2.5 hours to hike it, and we came across about ten people total. The gorge was incredible--lots of goats, too, which the kids thought was funny.

After that we went to the beach by Frangokastello, which is a run-down shell of a medieval castle. The drive back was crazy. We went down about 6,000 feet in 20 minutes of driving (in second gear mostly), so you have some sense of the slope of the road. Again, I'll post photos later. On the drive back up, the kids couldn't believe that they had really walked that entire way.

Well, today we leave Kissamos and head for our last night in Heraklio. Tomorrow we fly to the UK, so I'll likely be without mail for a few days. More later, as usual.


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